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Meet The Owner

Heyo! My name is Morelia Falcon, I am the owner and curator of Thrift In Leitch. I am a military brat. I was originally born and bred in Dallas, Texas. As a military family we moved around until we ended up in Leitchfield, Kentucky. I grew up with my six sisters on several farms and was homeschooled the majority of my life. One of my favorite skills that I picked up, while being homeschooled, is a love for sewing. Through sewing I am able to express my creativity through clothing. It is one of my favorite pastimes.


Since I am from a large family my mom would always take us thrifting to see what treasures we could find. I was always drawn to the “older” clothes that were considered “old-fashioned”. In my later teen years I finally decided to let go of my inhibitions and style all that “funky old-fashioned clothes” to reflect my personality and style. During that time I was reselling modern clothing and I quickly realized my heart was in vintage. Once I launched my Instagram, Thrift In Leitch, I was quickly able to quit my first highschool job and re-home beautiful clothes full-time. Once I got the hang of sourcing and selling, I began creating vintage styling and lifestyle content. I finally had an outlet to experiment with all kinds of decades and styles. Because of my family’s love for thrifting I enjoy documenting the adventures my family and I go on while treasure hunting for vintage i.e., local “house-call picking”, road trips, second-hand stores. We’ve gone all over the place sourcing the best vintage for Thrift in Leitch and we have enjoyed every minute of it!

In January of 2021 I created a goal to “take the next step” and I opened a store-front. After months of prepping it finally came to fruition at the end of August 2021. Words cannot express how surreall it was seeing customers walk into my shop for the first time! It's so exciting to assist my customers in styling outfits and pieces to fit their style/personality. I am always so overjoyed when someone comes into the shop and we can “play dress-up”. I feel so fortunate to be able to run Thrift in Leitch full-time. I hope to continue growing Thrift In Leitch even more into the coming years.


Let's connect on  instagram...

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